Creating change
one life at a time

Out of the Common


With a foundation rooted in God, we seek to have a positive impact in the lives of people and humanity as a whole.

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Our Stories.

Vanessa’s Story

The joy in what I do comes not from the physical transformation but from the energetic transformation.

Chris Teff
Chris' Story

I've come to understand nothing good happens without God and all the moving parts are finely entwined.



Initiate a Positive Change in Your Life.


The funny thing about common sense is its rarity!

“Perceived as “just family” but in actuality, Chris and Vanessa are each other’s business consultants, joke managers, and priority brainstorming teammates. This podcast is the genuine and unfiltered story of getting from perceived reality to actuality.”



Community Service.

Let’s spread the word and affect positive change!

We cannot affect change globally without first changing the landscape of our local communities. This forum is the place for good news, positivity, and community involvement. 

Share your story! How have you been involved in your community? Any cool projects you’ve helped with? What’s good that’s happening around you?

Because this platform is more significant than any one of us, let’s spread the word and all affect positive change!



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Donations to Out of the Common will be used to affect positive change in our communities. Check-in as we record it on our community page. None of the donations will go towards the production of this podcast.

The sky’s the limit on how we can help! Sometimes, it’s helping those in need with clothing or food. Other times it’s providing supplementation or nutritional consulting when it cannot be afforded. We seek to provide a foundation so others can continue to help themselves.

In 2020, Optimum Vitality donated over $15,000 in services and herbal remedies to those in the community.

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Our Mission

With a foundation rooted in God, we seek to have a positive impact in the lives of people and humanity as a whole.

Where to Find Us

6654 University Ave Middleton, WI 53562