Why Us?

Chris and Vanessa see things from a similar perspective but come at the challenge differently. Vanessa assesses the body physically and emotionally. Chris goes beyond the physical, approaching the scenario from a spiritual and energetic perspective. We need both. We can’t fully heal without all aspects supported; this is why we work together.

To heal or deal with any stress (remember, change is stress to the body), we need a sufficient physiological baseline. We need enough minerals, amino acids, and healthy fats to support change at the cellular level. In a depleted state, the body will cease to move forward. Do we have enough cellular energy to make a shift? After we make this assessment, Vanessa will dive deeper, looking for anything more significant such as a toxicity overload, trauma recall pattern, or gut-brain axis disconnect, that may hinder your transformation. Healing first and foremost takes energy. We need to tonify (strengthen) before we can heal.

Once we have a foundation to build upon, Chris takes over. One cannot heal without a greater power. But, are there unforeseen forces working against you? Is the energy of those around you inhibiting your progress? Is there pent-up resentment and unforgiveness holding you back? Leave it to Chris to ask the right questions and poke the sleeping bear. His approach allows you to discern the answer on your own time. This is what people appreciate most. He doesn’t tell you what to do. Instead, he helps you see clearly. The road to unrestricted growth is not always pleasant but trust us; the lessons learned are beyond fulfilling.

It’s imperative for all parties involved that the time and energy expended cannot be spread too thin. Therefore, Chris and Vanessa only work with a limited number of clients monthly.

What Out of the Common Consulting Entails:

Before we can begin to help, we need to understand who you are and where you’re at in your journey. We start with a health history encompassing the physical, emotional and spiritual. The questions answered, coupled with a remote nutrition assessment and facial analysis, give us the information we need to proceed forward.

We’ll then schedule a time to speak on the phone. We’ll ask for more detail, explain our findings and pass along our suggestions. If we’re working together just once, we’ll make sure you feel comfortable with the information presented to take the necessary steps to enact change. If we’re meeting weekly for one or more months, we’ll pass along assignments at the end of our phone calls. These drills will prompt you to look at your situation from a different perspective.

Our suggestions may include diet changes, nutritional supplements, physical movement, books to read, lectures to listen to, or mindfulness exercises to accomplish. We will walk you through the details and help you along in your healing as far as you feel you need to go.

No one person can do everything. There’s no one magic supplement, food, or routine that’s right for everyone. Because of that, we feel suggestions for healing are best when individualized. We are each on our path, yet our paths may intersect for an unknown amount of time. When we are meant to help you on your journey, you will know.


  • Hourly consulting: $150/hr
    • Helpful when you’re dealing with a specific situation. Maybe you’re making significant progress and then find yourself stuck. Sometimes you need a different perspective or help with clarifying your path. If this is the case, a one-time session with us will be sufficient.
  • One-Month Consulting: $480 ($120/hr)
    • We’ll chat weekly for 1 hour. The first session will involve the initial assessment and understanding of your goals. We’ll provide weekly assignments that will help to initiate lasting change. After four sessions with us, you should be well on your way to continuing your path forward. Don’t think after four sessions, everything is resolved. Deep healing takes time, but you’ll have a blueprint for which to continue.
  • Three -Month Consulting: $1440 ($120/hr)
    • The most popular choice due to the ongoing growth that’s felt. Dramatic expansion requires time and consistent practice, something Chris and Vanessa know quite intimately! We all need time to unlearn what we were taught and to relearn who we are. Energetically and spiritually, healing happens quickly. It’s our conscious, rational being that needs time to get on board. Life has taught us to close up, protect ourselves and push situations away. It takes effort to sit with what you’re feeling and to allow yourself to feel without judgment. Similar to our one-month consulting strategy, we’ll meet weekly for 1 hour providing guidance, clarity and assignments as we move along.