Chris and Vanessa extend to all a warm and heartfelt welcome to the very first episode of the ‘Out of the Common’ podcast, and the genuine and unfiltered story of getting from perceived reality to actuality that it brings to vivid life. Today, and in future episodes, this brother and sister duo will discuss some of life’s adventures, current events, and ways in which true healing happens, inviting you to experience life through a different lens, and offering guidance to hopefully find the path that is just right for you. The connection between spiritual, energetic, and physical pathways is a powerful one, and ‘Out of the Common’ puts you in the front row each week to bear witness to this eternal truth.

In this inaugural episode, Chris and Vanessa share the utterly fascinating story of Gabe, a teenager with whom they become connected in an effort to relieve him of his chronic concussion symptoms. Written off by Western medical experts, Gabe welcomes our hosts’ therapy, resulting not only in a transformation, but an actual deliverance, the recounting of which here today, is as spellbinding as it is life-changing. As a sign of just what you can expect in future episodes, you will undoubtedly find yourself thinking about the story shared by Chris and Vanessa for days to come as it resonates in your mind and heart, and, indeed, your very soul. Welcome to ‘Out of the Common’, a podcast working to create change, one life at a time.


The Finer Details of This Episode:

·         How everything lined up for our hosts to become involved with Gabe

·         Gabe’s condition and the responses he received from doctors

·         His physical symptoms and how they affected his life

·         Understanding forgiveness

·         The family patterning involved

·         The many strategies implemented in Gabe’s healing

·         The cornerstone of their healing therapy

·         Gabe’s releases

·         Triggering the demons

·         The Holy Spirit within Chris

·         Gabe’s deliverance

·         Gabe’s account of being taken to the Heavenly Realm



“I’m here for a different reason that’s unbeknownst to me.”

“He knew that there was something more.”

“Healing’s not always physical, nor linear.”

“Every part of his existence is mangled at this point.”

“We need to take care of the spiritual being, first and foremost.”

“This did lead us to having to deal with forgiveness being the number one blockage to move forward from.”

“This was a crash course on healing and faith and knowing where healing comes from.”

“The healing, the draining, the repair, physically, but also emotionally and mentally – all of this had to happen all at the same time.”

“If you have love and faith, you’re going to heal.”

“I’ve always been used as a medium of exchange…a conduit via God.”

“He said he saw the band aid being ripped off his brain.”

“It was war for the next three hours and sixteen minutes.”

“I know the power lies in Christ.”

“Gabe was virtually split in half as far as his consciousness was concerned.”

“He was seeing what he believed to be Christ of some sort.”

“He was healed and he was saved.”

“Pass along a prayer, something positive today.”