Are you ready for a change from all the madness that COVID has generated over the past year? Having witnessed the shift that has occurred in the lives of so many during this pandemic, Vanessa and Chris are certainly ready to change things up. In today’s episode they address the fear that is the root of the dissonance spreading through society and offer their advice for turning this tide so that we can stop the absurdity and start building community with others again.


They begin by looking at the impact that COVID has had upon people’s lives and the collective consciousness, share some examples of where this dissonance is showing up in society, and remind everyone that only God judges others. Our hosts also delve into the fear that is at the root of all, the steps we can all take to address this fear, and the power of taking control of what you can do for yourself, and above all, thinking critically about what we do and do not know about this situation. If the weight of all the negativity surrounding COVID is overwhelming you, Chris and Vanessa are here to assure you that you are not alone, and to offer you their valuable insights into how we can all ‘shatter this madness’.


The Finer Details of This Episode:

·         The impact of the pandemic on people’s lives and the collective consciousness

·         Examples of the absurdity and dissonance currently occurring

·         Judging others and cancel culture

·         1 Peter 4:8

·         Getting back to a common ground and respecting each other

·         Chris’ garden analogy

·         Positive actions and taking care of ourselves and others

·         Defining fear, the impact it has, and how to deal with it in yourself and others

·         Projection, displacement, and avoidance

·         Faith, the spirit of fear, and spiritual warfare

·         What Vanessa has seen in her clients during the pandemic

·         Controlling what you can do for yourself and thinking critically

·         Removing fear from your life



“Not only do we all think we’re right and we’re trying to prove a point, but then we’re rationalizing what we’re doing to make it seem okay.”

“Perfect love covers sin.”

“Negative attaches to the brain faster and stronger than positive.”

“Fear is the bedrock of all negative emotions.”

“It’s the substance of things not hoped for, and the evidence not yet seen…100% opposite of faith.”

“It’s like you just drop a bomb of shit, and run away!”

“Fear and faith are competing for the same position.”

“Fear has absolutely ruined people.”

“It’s affected us on a spiritual level whether you want to admit it or not.”

“Stress cannot be measured, but only felt.”

“You’re wired and tired and you can’t repair.”

“It starts spiritually and it ends physically.”

“What if we’ve been going through World War 3 for the past 4½ years?”

“Turn the TV off and the virus turns off.”

“Step out of the forest to see the trees and analyze from that point of view.”