Buckle up listeners! In today’s episode, Vanessa and Chris are going to challenge you to do no less than change the way you look at yourself, the world around you, and, indeed, the entire universe. Drawing upon their vast wealth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom, our hosts lay out the case for looking at life through energy, frequency, and vibration, and the impact this perspective will have upon your life. Sit back, listen in, and prepare to have your mind blown and your horizons greatly expanded here today.


Essentially, the entire episode is about the notion that everything comes down to energy, frequency, and vibration in our lives and our world, and, along the way, our hosts share the research and researchers, resources, and experiences that support this theory. The Schumann Resonance, the work of Royal Rife and Tesla, beneficial and detrimental frequencies, and the concepts of concordance and dissonance are explored. They also explain homochords, PEMF, Solfeggio tones, and highlight the energy of the Bible. As Chris and Vanessa make clear, there is much that is known about our world, and so much more that is yet to be discovered. Today’s conversation clarifies some of that fascinating information that will open up a vast array of possibilities in your life, and which will undoubtedly change the way you see the world forever.


The Finer Details of This Episode:

·          Vibrations, energy, frequency, and the electromagnetic spectrum

·         The Schumann Resonance and the impact of prayer and meditation upon it

·         How we see light

·         Putting things into your energy field

·         The essence of life

·         Royal Rife, pathogens, and using frequencies to heal

·         Frequencies that are detrimental to the body

·         Concordance and dissonance

·         Walter Danzer’s The Invisible Power Within Foods

·         Our connection to Earth

·         Homochords

·         PEMF

·         Tuning our own bodies

·         The 4 main brain wave categories

·         Solfeggio tones

·         Tesla

·         The energy of the Bible

·         Cheri Potter’s Revelations Sealed

·         Energy and frequency and everyday life



“There is no matter.”

“If we can change the energy, the frickin’ magnetic field around the Earth? Yeah, of course, we’re going to change ourselves.”

“If you had a town, village, city, anything, really, where there’s a group of people praying, you’d be able to see it from space as a light force.”

“Hate carries a different vibrational frequency than love.”

“Thoughts have an energy, too.”

“If you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”

“I’ll just integrate it into my energy field.”

“Every living thing has an energy or a frequency. So, the frequency around you is either going to harmonize with you or create dissonance.”

“You’re influencing cell behavior with the electrical changes.”

“You just allow the frequencies to work for you.”

“The Solfeggio frequencies start at 396 and they end at 852, and each frequency correlates to a different part of the body, a different kind of awakening, and a different way in which to initiate healing.”

“Everything comes back down to energy, frequency, and vibration.”

“We’re spiritual beings first, spiritual bodies second. Always.”

“Just take it in.”

“We’re not fighting against flesh and blood.”

“Everyday can be a ‘good day’.”


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