Unpacking Trauma to Live a Life of Purpose

Show Notes:

Today’s episode comes with a warning that it may be distressing to some, as Chris and Vanessa are joined by Chiropractor, Dr. Kayla, to discuss trauma and the process of unpacking it. If you’re not entirely sure just what trauma actually is, you are not alone – it can be layered and complex. As you listen in today, you will gain a much greater understanding of it, the impact it can have, and ways to unpack or release it in order to live your purposeful life.

They begin by defining trauma and the empowerment it can provide, and then they go on to share stories of a variety of types of trauma they’ve experienced, and the impact it had upon them and others. Dr. Kayla and Vanessa also offer descriptions of their work and of the gifts which Chris possesses as well as how some people respond to them. The need to separate emotions from identity, unpacking and releasing trauma, fighting energy with energy, and seeking help if you need it are also discussed. If you have ever felt confused by the nature of trauma, or unsure of the extensive ramifications it can have throughout your body and your life in general, this is a podcast that you need to hear.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

· Defining trauma and the empowerment that can come from it
· The impact of a physical trauma Chris suffered as a child
· Dr. Kayla’s story of trauma and what brought her back to God
· The narrative in our heads
· The story of the role that trauma played in the life of Chris and Vanessa’s mother
· ‘Thoughts, traumas, and toxins’
· Experiences with emotional trauma
· Dr. Kayla’s work and her story about a young patient who had been sexually abused
· The work that Vanessa does
· Chris’ gift of seeing patterns, sensing when things are off, and how some react to it
· Separating emotions from identity
· Unpacking and releasing trauma
· Fighting energy with energy
· Seeking help if you need it


“The trauma that you experience can actually be very empowering to you.”

“The reality is nobody wants to let the stuff surface, nobody wants to allow it to come up.”

“Our past allows us to be who we are where we are, and allows us to work on this stuff.”

“The light is there, we just have to get to it.”

“It was thirty years ago…and I’m still dealing with it today.”

“Now I can say I have a relationship with God that is truly on fire, and it’s helped me serve my patients on such a deeper level.”

“That’s why she couldn’t physically heal, because she didn’t deal with that trauma until the end.”

“I can set myself up to have a new story, and I don’t have to be in that powerless state of sexual abuse that I’ve had in my past.”

“When I was putting my hands on him to adjust him, I felt, like, pure evil, like, to the point I literally, after adjusting him, I would go wash my hands with cold water…and make a very conscious effort of, like, ‘I’m washing this energy off of me’.”

“It’s so rewarding…gives me such joy to take care of patients, to help them heal so they can go and live with their purpose in life.”

“The issues are in the tissues.”

“It’s literally storing trauma on the cellular level in the tissues, in the joints, in the bones, in the ligaments, everywhere.”

“Unfortunately for me, it’s affected relationships because I feel too deeply.”

“Why is this happening for me?”

“I release you with love and gratitude. Thank you for the lesson and the ability to now grow and see the world differently.”

“We need to face the liar of fear and rebuild the trust in the process of love.”