The Role of Psychedelics in Healing

Show Notes:

The role of psychedelics in society has been taboo since the beginning of organized religion, with a hard hitting propaganda campaign ever since. Today Chris and Vanessa are joined by Ryan Heath, owner of Shady Oak Hemp Farm, to explore the therapeutic role psychedelics can actually play in healing. Ryan is a fantastic individual with an amazing green thumb and a wide range of hallucinogenic experiences. He begins by breaking down how long human beings have been using psychedelics to try to reach a higher power, how they can be used to see things from a different perspective versus escaping reality altogether with alcohol or opioids, and the role organized religion has played in demonizing psychedelics. Ryan talks with our hosts about knowing your intentions going into a psychedelic experience, the movement toward legalizing Psilocybin mushrooms for medicinal purposes and resistance from pharmaceutical companies, as well as his sustainable hemp farm. You’ll also hear about the role hallucinogens played in Vanessa’s own healing journey, and Chris discusses the importance of having a calm guide with you through a psychedelic experience.

Civilizations have used psychedelics for thousands of years. They can be used to forge new neural pathways and reprogram negative brainwashing you may have been exposed to over the years. Today’s conversation highlights the importance of taking a step back to renew your mind, and how expanding your consciousness with psychedelics can give you the perspective you need to cure yourself of unhealthy habits and beliefs.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

● How long human beings have been using psychedelics and the reasoning behind it
● The expansion of consciousness and how it opens up your mind
● Dr. Rick Strassman and the Spirit Molecule – his study showed that DMT helped people experience what they needed to, not what they wanted to
● The danger of lumping all bad drugs together
● Are you trying to escape reality or try to see things from a different perspective?
● The ceremonial origins of psychedelics and how they started to become taboo with the emergence of organized religion
● Psychedelics can be used to forge new neural pathways and connections, and reprogram negative thoughts, patterns, affirmations to more positive habits
● Lack of clinical research and education on using psychedelics safely and the amazing experience it can yield – it’s mostly based on anecdotal experiences
● Psychedelics are not addictive by nature
● The movement toward legalizing Psilocybin mushrooms and resistance from pharmaceutical companies
● War on Psychedelics, and Cannabis still being categorized as Schedule I drug
● Ryan’s sustainable Shady Oak Hemp Farm
● Indica versus Sativa, and Ryan’s favorite strain this year, Ingrid
● Vanessa’s experience with Iowaska on her own healing journey
● Hallucinogens will not cure your problems – they will put you in a mindset to cure yourself
● Ego Death and the importance of stepping back for a reset
● Defining happiness for yourself instead of letting others do it for you
● Having a calm guide with you through a hallucinogenic experience
● How Ryan started his journey with psychedelics
● 5-MeO-DMT
● Getting back to a childlike state – being vulnerable with zero ego so you can repair what you’ve been brainwashed to believe
● Renewal of the mind

“Pre-societal times, when humans were basically nomadic and tribal, being that there was not one broad organized base of spiritual thinking, they all used different ways of trying to reach a higher power. Be it psychedelics, be it meditation, be it sweat lodges. They were all just different kinds of ways of trying to figure out what this world was about, because to this day we still don’t really know.”

“That kind of goes along with the idea of how wrong it is to just lump bad drugs all together.”

“Are you trying to escape reality? That’s like your general heavily addictive substances, where you’re trying to just shut reality out. Opioids, heroin…even alcohol, really.”

“By organizing, that big group took over and cast all the pagans aside and said, Hey, no, no, that’s weird, that’s wrong, that’s demonistic. But it was really just based on, they didn’t understand the reasoning for what they were doing it for.”

“That’s exactly why they abandoned it. They tested it. They’re like, People will go crazy and we can control their minds. But it didn’t work out that way. In fact, their minds got less controllable.”

“Because they’re so powerful, if you aren’t in that positive mindset, it can go really bad really quickly.”

“It’s not necessarily what you want, but it’s what you need at the time to figure out and click in your brain.”

“Even a challenging experience with psychedelics can be, and usually is, very positive.”

“The whole point is to come back to reality to help you see reality from a different perspective. That’s what people are excited to do. They don’t want to stay in that ‘trip mode’. They want to use that to bring them back.”

“That’s why we’re starting to see a large amount of support for decriminalizing Psilocybin from mushrooms for psychiatric use.”

“You can’t patent anything that’s natural.”

“We consume a lot of drugs compared to the rest of the world… We are one of the few countries in the world that has such a meth problem. Most of Europe doesn’t have a meth problem.”

“I’m all about the Indica. If you don’t know, a very easy one is, Indica – in da couch. Sativa, think of sunshine.”

“The Iowaska didn’t fix any of your stuff. It fixed your mindset.”

“That’s what I think is hard for some people to get their mind around, is that no LSD is going to cure this. Iowaska isn’t going to cure this. It’s going to put you in a mindset to help you cure

“The longer and longer we tell ourselves, We’re amazing. We’re the shit, the more that ego gets in the way of actually seeing what’s really going on.”

“So it only takes two months to brainwash people or make them think something. And then once they think that, it won’t shift no matter what you do.”

“I have this idea of reverting back to your childlike state. Again, zero ego, joy, vulnerable. And that is something I think, as adults, we need to take responsibility and do that more often.”

“You are just having fun without a substance, versus alcohol – you need it. It only works
for about four hours, so you need to keep taking it. Whereas a psychedelic will give you like six months to a year.”