Tables of the Covenant with Cheri Potter Part 1

Show Notes:

Chris and Vanessa welcome a very special guest to the podcast today, eschatologist and author, Cheri Potter. As an eschatologist, Cheri calculates the true understanding of different languages and how they translate to study end time events. To date, she has produced books regarding revelation theories about the end time, and today she unveils some astounding information from her latest project detailing the Tables of the Covenant.

She begins by explaining how her journey led her to this work, the codes found in the Bible with which she works, popular confusion regarding such concepts as the Ark of the Covenant, and issues with organized religion. Along with our hosts, she then enlightens listeners about such topics as demonic forces, powers of the Spirit, God’s system, and the famine that she sees in the world today. Cheri also discusses her books, the existence of daytime and nighttime powers and evidence of their use throughout history, the difference between serving and obeying God, and the wondrous nature of growing in understanding from the Holy Spirit. Cheri’s passion for, and thorough knowledge of, her area of study shines through brilliantly in this episode and, thankfully, continues on in the next episode of ‘Out of the Common’.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

● Cheri’s journey to the work she does today
● Codes in the Bible and Cheri’s work with them
● The popular confusion regarding the Ark of the Covenant and the reasons for this confusion
● Organized religion
● Demonic forces
● Powers of the Spirit
● God’s system
● Cheri’s books
● The famine in today’s world
● Daytime and nighttime powers
● Moses and the Egyptians
● Being a servant to God vs. being obedient to Him
● Growing in understanding from the Holy Spirit


“My dad was definitely touched by the Spirit that I needed this.”

“Because if you have any other Bible than the King James Bible, it has been translated from the Bible to Greek and then into another language.”

“It’s lost in translation.”

“So I calculated, I wrote down and recorded page by page and verse by verse all the little codes, and it actually spelled in ancient Hebrew, ‘the right to passage’.”

“So the actual Ark of the Covenant was the arc measurement of tables, which were mathematical formulas, a covenant of the perpetual physics of God’s law of creation.”

“Anything that isn’t God, the demons can collect.”

“We’re losing that hand of God over us, that protection, because the more you’re in confusion, the more you’re straying from the truth, and you’re falling into the lines of the spirits of devils.”

“If you want to hear the true word of God, go down to the Potter’s house.”

“This isn’t for everybody, and there’s a lot of people in dark places that have been trying to pry it out of your hands forever.”

“So the powers include, like, teleportation, spontaneous movements, and invisibility.”

“All of it is completely backed by scripture. There’s nothing that you’re making up.”

“They don’t want any of us to know that there’s a Creator.”

“There’s daytime powers and there’s nighttime powers, and, of course, the daytime powers are of God and the nighttime powers are of Satan.”

“And man doesn’t serve God because God is all powerful…it’s just, He requires obedience.”

“Anybody who continues to get more understanding spiritually or from the Holy Spirit, it is the coolest thing ever.”

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