Tables of the Covenant with Cheri Potter Part 2

Show Notes:

Eschatologist and author, Cheri Potter, continues her riveting conversation with Chris and Vanessa on today’s episode. They come back to Egypt, the role hieroglyphics play in depicting the system, and the hidden information Cheri has uncovered in her in-depth research. She reveals what the pyramids were originally designed for, the mind-blowing revelation that gold was produced out of granite, and the true meaning behind the wings of the 33rd rank in Masons (it’s definitely not “Time Flies”). Cheri discusses her passion for sharing the mysteries of the universe, being undeterred by government censorship, helping guide people back to their faith in God, and she tells the story of how she uncovered a gold coin in the image of Jesus Christ’s face.

You’ll also hear about Vanessa’s undeniable experience with the Holy Spirit, the physical effects of loving and celebrating God, and investing in our salvation. The interview concludes with a fascinating discussion about how complacent we are as a culture to the general feeling of being unwell, numb, and stuck, and how renewing our relationship with Jesus Christ can help bring us back to life again. The second half of Cheri’s visit will be sure to open your eyes and your soul to the healing power of truth.

The Finer Details of This Episode:
● Depiction of the system in hieroglyphics and Cheri’s in-depth research on this hidden information
● Pyramids were originally designed for producing gold in the process of Alchemy
● Reverse engineering God’s frequency
● Conspiracy facts
● 33rd rank in Masons put wings on headstones and what is actually means
● “Winky-pedia”
● Talk Tables of the Covenant
● Cheri’s excitement to share her findings and help doubtful scholars reconsider their belief system
● Bringing people back to their faith in God
● Everyone wants to stand in the way and play God, have that mechanism of control
● Cheri’s story of a gold coin in the image of Christ’s face
● Her experience putting the Book of Revelations in order and subsequent backlash from the government
● Vanessa shares the story of her recent experience with the Holy Spirit
● Physical power of the Holy Spirit is undoubtable, undeniable
● Becoming complacent with feeling unwell, numb, and stuck
● Renewal of the Holy Spirit and relationship with Jesus Christ will help bring people back to life again
● Importance of communing with other Christians

“I have studied [hieroglyphics] in depth, and I do see the conceptual charts of time in closed off landmarks that they don’t really open to the public. I’ve seen the wings. So obviously this information has been hidden for thousands of years.”

“It’s so obvious when you put the whole story together. It’s so simple.”

“The pyramids were designed so that the children of the Pharaoh would all be taken to the pyramids… and each one had a different god over them, like a different fallen angel.”
“They would stay and they would worship in that temple and they would work in that temple.”
“So the great pyramid in Egypt was designed for producing gold in the process of Alchemy.”
“They would put the rock in the granite and the iron and the black rock would exchange properties once the lid was sealed in the heat… Then they would take the gold out of granite, out of the big granite stone.”
“They’re playing God, and they disrupt the system that’s designed to naturally heal itself, just like our bodies.”
“The hour glass and the wings actually used to mean that they had the power of teleportation.”
“Webster was a great Mason and he knew some of the secrets.”
“A lot of people who are scholars or geniuses, they don’t accept God because it seems almost like a fairy tale, like, Oh, Santa’s coming. This makes them step back and say, Wait a minute, if it’s all recorded in the word of God, I better take a second look and maybe reconfirm my belief system.”
“Somebody needs to feed the sheep in order to keep them alive because they’re dropping like flies.”
“If we could bring the truth back to the Church, then the Church could see them, and they wouldn’t go elsewhere, because there’s no greater power than this, because God created all things. He knows how the system works.”
“You know it’s not you. You’ve experienced this [feeling] before… You know it’s not of this earth because it’s so powerful, but not overwhelming. It’s so comforting.”
“The definition of the Holy Spirit is undoubtable.”
“When you feel that, you just want to sit in it, you just want to be with it. You just want to sit in it because it feels so good and you want more.”
“The medical field is just medicating people. Nobody is getting healed.”
“Man has no power except as God gives it. God gives us the wisdom of how to use the power through the Holy Spirit.”
“I would just love to set this world on fire for the Holy spirit.”
“Everyone invests in their future for retirement, but nobody invests in their salvation for all eternity.”
“Here’s to getting unstuck.”

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