Unearthing Cannabis

Show Notes:
Cannabis is more than just THC and CBD. Today Ryan Heath, owner of Shady Oak Hemp Farm, returns to dispel the many misconceptions that still surround cannabis today, despite the growing trend toward legalization and recent move to the UN’s Schedule II drug list. Ryan begins by breaking down the difference between CBD and THC, the painstakingly detailed process of farming cannabis, and the experience of smoking versus ingesting. He talks about narrowing down why you are using marijuana (pain relief, panic attacks, winding down), so that you can choose the best strain to meet your needs and optimize your experience, and answers questions about the effectiveness of recent topical CBD creams.

Ryan chats with Chris and Vanessa about the versatility of cannabis, its rejuvenating effect on soil, and why it is a true art form. They end with an informative conversation about issues with dosing, the importance of quality over quantity in the cannabis game, and exciting new strains of cannabinoids to come. Today’s episode is sure to leave you with a better understanding of the process, purpose, and power of the cannabis plant in general. Thanks for tuning in.

The Finer Details of This Episode:
● Ryan’s experience growing, trimming, laboring, consuming cannabis
● Trend toward legalizing marijuana and amending it to Schedule II drug list
● CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are the most common cannabinoids found in cannabis products
● THC is the main substance that people think of when they think of getting stoned
● CBD doesn’t cause that high, but instead works with other elements in the body to bring wellbeing and balance
● Misconceptions about CBD – how it works, what it does, and the many different ailments it can help with
● Hemp oil does not have any CBD in it
● Incredible amount of work that goes into farming cannabis – everything is done by hand
● Smoking versus ingesting
● Pro tip to swish tincture (liquid cannabis) in your mouth for better absorption
● Narrowing down what you are using the product for
● Indica is generally best for pain relief
● Topical CBD creams are transdermal, similar to a nicotine patch
● Creams are marketed for pain relief, but research is lacking on whether it’s actually anti-inflammatory
● Cannabis is not stronger today – it’s just being grown better and to its full potential
● It is also a full-use crop, where no part is thrown away
● Also rejuvenates and replenishes the soil
● Quality over quantity in the cannabis game
● Ryan recently had his hemp made into oil using Good Land Extracts
● Ryan chose which strains to grow based on harvest schedules
● CBG is a new strain of cannabinoid, as well as THCV (appetite suppressant) and THCZ (helpful for diabetics)

“THC is the one that’s intoxicating, that’s the one that gets you the high effect. That’s the one that most people would say is fun.”

“CBD is calming, but there’s no market value there.”

“We planted about 15,000 single plants. And each one came down by hand, and hauled in by hand, and hung up by hand, and each bud taken off by hand.”

“It’s such a delicate plant that you can’t mess with it too much.”

“To a horticulturist, they’re just – they’re kind of like a wet dream.”

“Once it’s out of the field, you’re only about halfway there… You’ve got to get every single little bud off each plant.”

“When you’re inhaling through your lungs, all those cannabinoids hit your bloodstream instantly – the minute it hits your lungs.”

“Indicas are generally known for pain relief.”

“People don’t know that, Hey, you can actually smoke CBD and that might be a better way of getting it in you.”

“THC is a much more powerful cannabinoid than CBD.”

“[Cannabis] is not stronger. We’re just letting it grow to its full potential now.”

“The reality is, this plant is a damn piece of art. It can do so many things.”

“It literally pulls the bad stuff out of the soil, and doesn’t put it into the flower somehow. It just sticks it in the stock. So none of that negative stuff gets into the consumable product. It makes the land better.”

“Hemp is unlike any crop. Quantity does not necessarily mean profit. Quality means profit… Quality is number one in the cannabis game.”

“To make any sort of good cannabis, lots of positive energy has to go into that. If it’s not put in there, it’s a bad product and it’s just not going to work as well.”