Episode 9 | Unearthing Cannabis | Out of the Common

Episode 9 | Unearthing Cannabis

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. Unearthing Cannabis Show Notes: Cannabis is more than just THC and CBD. Today Ryan Heath, owner of Shady Oak Hemp Farm, returns to dispel the many misconceptions that still surround cannabis today, despite the growing trend toward legalization and recent move to the UN’s Schedule II drug list. Ryan begins by breaking down the difference between CBD and THC, the painstakingly detailed process of farming cannabis, and the experience… Read More »Episode 9 | Unearthing Cannabis

Out of the Common, Episode 8 | God's Original System Part 2

Episode 8 | God’s Original System Part 2

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Tables of the Covenant with Cheri Potter Part 2 Show Notes: Eschatologist and author, Cheri Potter, continues her riveting conversation with Chris and Vanessa on today’s episode. They come back to Egypt, the role hieroglyphics play in depicting the system, and the hidden information Cheri has uncovered in her in-depth research. She reveals what the pyramids were originally designed for, the mind-blowing revelation that gold was produced out of granite,… Read More »Episode 8 | God’s Original System Part 2

Out of the Common, Episode 7 | God's Original System

Episode 7 | God’s Original System Part 1

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Tables of the Covenant with Cheri Potter Part 1 Show Notes: Chris and Vanessa welcome a very special guest to the podcast today, eschatologist and author, Cheri Potter. As an eschatologist, Cheri calculates the true understanding of different languages and how they translate to study end time events. To date, she has produced books regarding revelation theories about the end time, and today she unveils some astounding information from her… Read More »Episode 7 | God’s Original System Part 1

Out of the Common | Psychedelics

Episode 6 | Psychedelics

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The Role of Psychedelics in Healing Show Notes: The role of psychedelics in society has been taboo since the beginning of organized religion, with a hard hitting propaganda campaign ever since. Today Chris and Vanessa are joined by Ryan Heath, owner of Shady Oak Hemp Farm, to explore the therapeutic role psychedelics can actually play in healing. Ryan is a fantastic individual with an amazing green thumb and a wide… Read More »Episode 6 | Psychedelics

Out of the Common | Unpacking Trauma

Episode 5 | Unpacking Trauma

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Unpacking Trauma to Live a Life of Purpose Show Notes: Today’s episode comes with a warning that it may be distressing to some, as Chris and Vanessa are joined by Chiropractor, Dr. Kayla, to discuss trauma and the process of unpacking it. If you’re not entirely sure just what trauma actually is, you are not alone – it can be layered and complex. As you listen in today, you will… Read More »Episode 5 | Unpacking Trauma

Everything is Energy

Episode 4 | Everything is Energy

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  Buckle up listeners! In today’s episode, Vanessa and Chris are going to challenge you to do no less than change the way you look at yourself, the world around you, and, indeed, the entire universe. Drawing upon their vast wealth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom, our hosts lay out the case for looking at life through energy, frequency, and vibration, and the impact this perspective will have upon your… Read More »Episode 4 | Everything is Energy

Covid Madness

Episode 3 | Covid Madness

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  Are you ready for a change from all the madness that COVID has generated over the past year? Having witnessed the shift that has occurred in the lives of so many during this pandemic, Vanessa and Chris are certainly ready to change things up. In today’s episode they address the fear that is the root of the dissonance spreading through society and offer their advice for turning this tide… Read More »Episode 3 | Covid Madness

Episode 2 | Gold God Spiritual Warfare

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  This week’s episode presents yet another profound example of the power and presence of God in our lives. Chris goes solo today as he shares the story of his journey of ultimate faith and absolute insanity surrounding his mining adventures in Mexico. While he has only shared this story in its entirety to a couple of people in the past, today he opens up to you, the listener, as… Read More »Episode 2 | Gold God Spiritual Warfare

Episode 1 - Deliverance

Episode 1 | Deliverance

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  Chris and Vanessa extend to all a warm and heartfelt welcome to the very first episode of the ‘Out of the Common’ podcast, and the genuine and unfiltered story of getting from perceived reality to actuality that it brings to vivid life. Today, and in future episodes, this brother and sister duo will discuss some of life’s adventures, current events, and ways in which true healing happens, inviting you… Read More »Episode 1 | Deliverance