This week’s episode presents yet another profound example of the power and presence of God in our lives. Chris goes solo today as he shares the story of his journey of ultimate faith and absolute insanity surrounding his mining adventures in Mexico. While he has only shared this story in its entirety to a couple of people in the past, today he opens up to you, the listener, as part of his mission to encourage us all to strengthen our faith and allow God to lead us on the path He has chosen for us.


Recounting the tale of his mining experiences in Mexico from when they started 9½ years ago up to the present day, Chris touches upon the practice of dowsing, how his opportunity was taken from him and what he did about it, and his intense study of scripture. He also reviews the many, many signs that demonstrated to him that spiritual forces were involved in these adventures, how his faith was tested, the evolution of his relationship with God, and the need to persevere along the path God chooses for you despite the challenges encountered. He finishes by sharing the amazing new opportunities that are now before him, and offering a reminder for us all to ‘let God take the reins’ – a lesson which he learned through being ‘thrown in the fire’, and one which he will never forget.


The Finer Details of This Episode:

·         The story of Chris’ mining opportunities in Mexico

·         Dowsing and the information it provided regarding a property

·         How Chris’ opportunity was taken away from him and how he responded

·         Learning about scripture

·         The many signs that spiritual forces were involved

·         Chris’ relationship with God and the test of his faith

·         Persevering along the path God has for you

·         Chris’ amazing new opportunities



“This guy, right now, is in prison because of what he did.”

“Money changes people – plain and simple.”

“It has absolutely nothing to do with money. It has everything to do with adventure. It has everything to do with faith.”

“He was dealing with Mafia guys in New York!”

“It was my opportunity, it really was, and it was taken away from me.”

“You dig in and move forward.”

“I had to learn about spiritual warfare real quickly.”

“Our spirit recognizes truth. Our brain screws everything up.”

“God’s always been in my life, I just haven’t been in His. And that’s true for everybody.”

“Is this just one big coincidence?”

“Literally, everybody that’s not looking at this from a spiritual point of view or an energetic point of view, has been dismissed from the project completely.”

“If it wasn’t for God, I’d be dead – long time ago.”

“I wasn’t even sure what the real reality was anymore.”

“Let His will be done in your life.”

“I was thrown in the fire for 9½ years, I have risked everything, and you don’t know what life is until you’ve risked it all.”

“Let God take the reins because faith is much more than just a word.”